Thursday, June 17, 2010

3D Typography Booklaunch at American Book Center and #StoneCarvedTweets

At the American Bookcenter’s Urban Arts Festival, Dutch design agency Autobahn will present the booklaunch of 3D Typography and exhibit a new project: #StoneCarvedTweets.

The pace of modern communications is very high. Twitter is a good example. Anyone can let everyone know what he / she is doing in 140 characters at any moment. Autobahn reflects on this fact by connecting Twitter with a highly contrasting communication method: text cut from stone. We expand the font of Dutch architect and typographer Dom Hans van der Laan with numerals 0 to 9, the @ - and # sign. A Twitter Stream (# Stonecarvedtweets) is the input for us to cut. We will print the messages and places them in the ‘inbox’ of the stonecarver(s).

Send your message now! We’ll post photos of the event and the carvings.

ABC Urban Arts Festival
Saturday, June 26
Spui, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
13.00hrs to 18.00hrs

With Dennis de Groot, Donna Wilson, Martin Jones, MACHINE, Makim, Buzz Poole, Loulou and Tummie, Matthijs Kamstra and many others.

Monday, June 14, 2010

3D Typography in Fast Company!

Really great review on Fast Comany’s site. Check it out! With really great shout-outs to our amazing contributors, thank you!
Amandine Alessandra

Clotilde Olyff